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Video tutorials and live coding

How I Make Videos for Programmers (on

  • How do I ... [ title of video ]
  • Inferred steps
  • Show what to do, then maybe explain after
  • Remove distractions from screen and IDE.
    • Zen mode, full screen, turn off minimap
    • Clear terminal directory
    • Default light or dark theme
    • Code 2/3, browser 1/3
  • No intro or outro
  • Stay on topic, save other things for other lessons
  • Guide their eyes by selecting, guide the user as you change files
  • 1280 x 720 screen resolution
  • Wordwrap, prettier
  • One thought at a time

VS Code

Checklist for prep to start recording

  • Remove all panels
  • Set to dark theme
  • Automatic server reloads